Take your photography to a new level with our many instructional Photoshop seminars. Amybeth excels in offering new techniques, instruction and guidance for all levels of digital photographers. For the seminar event schedule please email us!


Photoshop for Beginners I

Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop to enhance your photography! Class will cover image sharpening, density and color correction.


Photoshop for Beginners II

Explore the world of levels and curves in Adobe Photoshop! Learn how to use these density and contrast changes to create compelling light in your imagery.


Photoshop for Intermediates I+II

Implement selecting and masking methods to transform your imagery to a new level of expertise! Learn how making simple changes to your photographs can enhance subject matter.


Photoshop for Advanced I+II

Work with digital retouching expert Amybeth to explore blending layers in Photoshop to retouch photographs. Fine tune your retouching skills and learn the secrets of the professional at this seminar!